Do you have questions? We have answers. Below you will get the truth, and that’s a faq.

What is TBS? What does TBS do for the band / what is the purpose?

  • National Honorary Band Co-ed Sorority
  • Provides service to collegiate bands
    • Builds/paints equipment
    • Snack packs for visiting bands
    • Water during band camp
    • Band grams for games
    • Social events during band camp/throughout the season
  • Encourages advancement of women in music
    • Women in music panel
    • Women in music goodie bags
  • Promotes and enriches an appreciation of music and marching band
    • Girl Scout project
    • HS clinics
    • Lab school performances

What does being an Active Sister entail?

  • Weekly meetings (1-2hrs)
  • Committee meetings (at least once a quarter but usually as needed)
  • Point system (need 3 per category):
    • Service events/projects
    • events/projects
    • Brother/Sisterhood events
    • Sisterhood events
    • Music events

What are the responsibilities / time commitments during the candidate process?

  • Weekly lessons
  • Midterm and final
  • Committee project
  • Participation in other committee projects
  • Interview book
  • 3 degrees (ceremonies)

Who is allowed to be in TBS?

  • Outstanding marching band members

What is your favorite memory from being in TBS?

(Answers taken from active sisters)

  • Sisterhood retreat
    • Bonding with fellow sisters and eating tons of food in new places
  • B/S camping
    • Hiking and exploring with friends in nature and under the stars
  • Degree ceremonies
  • Candidate process
    • Interviews and getting to know more people in band

What kinds of service can I get involved in through TBS?

  • Girl Scout Project
  • HS marching band clinics
  • Women in music goodie bags
  • Reception at music dept concerts
  • Water and social events during band camp

What kinds of social events are there?

  • Sisterhood retreat
  • Museum trips
  • Crafting activities
  • Movie nights
  • Broomball
  • B/S events
    • Camping
    • Hiking
    • Date nights
    • B/S Week


Other questions? Email our vice president of membership (@ tbs.ek.vicepresident@gmail.com) or ask any active sister!