December’s Highlights


Our Big/Little Pair for the month of December is….
Simon and Liana!

One of our sisters wrote,”Simon and Liana are a cute big/little pair. Simon and the rest of their fam visited Liana at Milk Farm where she works and it was adorable. It’s nice to see Bigs and Littles still hanging out post-grad.” Another wrote, “I vote for Simon and Liana this month! The two seem to really get along and maintain the big/little connection post-grad, well for Liana.”



Our Active Sister for the month of December is….


One of our sisters wrote,”She somehow maintains positivity and goes out of her way to do unnecessary and thoughtful things for her sisters and other officers even with midterms and work. She’s just a light in EK.” Another wrote, “Kathleen, she’s on top of her duties in EK, school, and work. I could not do what she does, while being so supportive of others. Thanks for the encouragement I’ve received personally, and know EK is here for you as well.”

Hope you feel the love, Kathleen!




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