January’s Highlights


Our Big/Little Pair for the month of January is….
Kathleen and Cheyenne!

One of our sisters wrote, “Kathleen and Cheyenne have been through a lot together this quarter and despite both of them being so busy they still make time to support each other!” Another wrote, “Kathleen and Cheyenne seem to really care for each other. They are both such sweet ladies and I can see them only bringing out the best in each other (and others for that matter.)”

Keep being cute you guys! Much love!



Our Active Sister for the month of November is….


One of our sisters wrote,”Laila deserves recognition because she’s always the first to help me out whenever I need anything. She goes out of her way to be there for her Little and for those who need encouragement. What a superstar!” Another wrote, “Laila cares a lot about chapter. She’s quick to give out recognition to those that work hard and and get stuff done in chapter. It’s only right that we acknowledge her as well.”

Thanks Laila, chapter truly appreciates you!





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