November’s Highlights


Our Big/Little Pair for the month of November is….
Sarah and Kaitlyn!

One of our sisters wrote, “Sarah and Kaitlyn! They both hold positions on the board and both so dedicated! Both are just killing it, just look at the most recent fundraiser and the alumni event! On top of it all, the both of them are really funny and I truly enjoy them as a team!” Another wrote, “Sarah and Kaitlyn because they are at the heart of chapter and always keep things rolling. Moreover, they are adorable and care so much about EK.”

You guys protec, you guys contec, but most importantly you guys are perfec!




Our Active Sister for the month of November is….


One of our sisters wrote,”Kayleigh Hart deserves this month’s feature because she leads very smooth meetings and is on top of her presidential duties. She’s fun to interact with and regardless of what is going on, is completely present at meetings, which I appreciate!” Another wrote, “Kayleigh! She is juggling so much right now but is still an amazing leader for chapter! She is working to make EK better every day, and I admire her so much.”

Thank you Kayleigh, for not only being a great president, but for being a great sister!





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