October’s Highlights


Our Big/Little Pair for the month of October is….
Samantha and Tabetha!

One of our sisters wrote, “Tabetha and Sam [should be recognized] because even though Sam has graduated they are still as close as ever and they are keeping their friendship strong. I think it is super cool that they have turned their big/little relationship into something that can actually last.” Another wrote,” I literally ALWAYS see Sam and Tabs hanging out and they’re like the cutest pair I’ve ever seen. Even though Sam graduated she makes an effort to hang out with her newest little.” One active even wrote, “Why are they so cute?”

We love it Sam and Tabs, keep it up!



Our Active Sister for the month of October is….


One of our sisters wrote,” Claire [should be recognized because she] has totally stepped up for this Focus on Five campaign and it’s really cool to see her being so active in our organization despite not being an official officer. She’s as good as an officer at this point with being the liaison to nationals.” Another wrote,” [Claire is] tons of fun and took on the job to communicate with the district for the new campaign.” It is evident that your drive and initiative do not go unnoticed by your fellow sisters. Not only are you being honored for taking on more within our organization, you are being honored for being you!

Thanks Claire!





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