Band members are nominated at the start of winter quarter on the basis of their contribution, enthusiasm, and values within band. Noms are non-binding and presented as a recognition of a band member’s exemplary performance. Nominated individuals are interviewed by active sisters and are encouraged to explore their opportunities within the organization.


Decisions on final prospective candidates are made after interviews have concluded, with bids offered to those invited to continue the candidate process. Band members who accept their bid are making a commitment to learn about, uphold, and represent the chapter.

Candidate Process

Band members that have chosen to begin the process of becoming an active undergo a generally quarter-long candidacy period. There is zero tolerance for hazing. Responsibilities include weekly lessons, service and social projects, several tests, and interviews with current actives, candidates, and alumni from both the sorority and fraternity. The vice president of chapter guides the candidates as they make their way through the process.

Three degrees mark the candidate class’ progress through the candidate process, with each successive degree representing an achievement of goals and ideals maintained within the organization. At the conclusion of the third degree, candidates are inducted into active membership within the Epsilon Kappa chapter of Tau Beta Sigma.