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The Lyre is Epsilon Kappa’s alumni publication where current active sisters can include past sisters in the events and happenings of the organization. Posts are written by various active sisters to describe and highlight these adventures and milestones and are shared with the community through a public blog.

May 28, 2018

Sisterhood Week 2018

Sisterhood Week: A week dedicated to the bond and bringing the sisterhood closer together. Organized by our lovely DOSA, Kathleen Oliphant, the week of April 23, 2018 consisted of six events – one for each day of the week, culminating in Sisterhood Retreat in Big Bear! Here’s what the sisters had to say about the week.

To kick off the beginning of Sisterhood Week, we had our annual Brinner after our weekly Monday meeting. Once meeting concluded, everyone attending Brinner walked over to Kathleen’s (our DOSA’s) apartment. Her committee began making pancakes, bacon, waffles, and eggs while the rest of the sisters huddled around the TV screen to either watch or play video games. Once all of the food was cooked, they set it up on the kitchen table buffet style. Everyone then formed a line to get their plate of delicious breakfast food. Along with the food there was punch and orange juice to drink. The sisterhood committee kept filtering in more pancakes and bacon once something would run out. Everyone sat around and conversed the rest of the night. A lot of sisters attended Brinner and it was a wonderful way to kick off sisterhood week!
Mariah Tumbaga, Alpha Upsilon

Spa Night was a night of rejuvenation and relaxation, sponsored by face masks and nail polish! We all chose from a variety of activities, mostly leaning toward doing our homework and studying while we waited for face masks to set or nails to dry. Unfortunately, it’s tough to find time to yourself smack in the middle of midterms, but Kathleen did an amazing job of providing us a space to both treat ourselves and be as productive as we needed to. Sometimes sisterhood means you’re suffering together, and sometimes sisterhood means you’re suffering together in the nicest possible way, and making the best of a 10-page paper with the help of some bangin’ tunes, words of encouragement, and a nice new pastel manicure.
Shayna Maci Warner, Alpha Tau

On April 25, 2018, Day 3 of Sisterhood Week, sisters got together and carpooled over to SkyHigh, a local trampoline park. From when the first person entered the car on the way there, to when the last person got off the car on the way back, sisterhood was in full force. In my car, we reminisced and sang along to music from when we were in high school and talked about the concerts that we’ve been to. (Some even started planning concerts that they could attend together in the future.) Once we arrived, the shoes were off and the jumping commenced. Some sisters showed off their flips and tricks while others flopped or just kept a simple bounce. The venue had so much to do: there was a dodgeball zone, a foam pit, and basketball hoops for trick shots, and of course, we did them all. For dodgeball, we split into two groups and dodged, ducked, dived, and dipped until we were sweating and gasping for air, but the momentum kept going. We then went over to the foam pit and basketball hoops, where sisters took turns showing off their moves as they jumped in the pit or dunked the ball in the hoops (or at least tried). When our jumping session ended, everyone was exhausted and relieved to be going home, so we closed the night off with a group picture and headed back to Westwood. The car ride home was filled with more sharing, followed by discussion about the rest of a really great Sisterhood Week. A night that was introduced as a mystery wound up being a night filled with joy, sweat, laughter, and most importantly, bonding. 10/10 would recommend and would do again.
Angel Coronado, Alpha Phi

For Sisterhood Week this year, I set up a profit share at BJ’s Restaurant, and we made that night a Sisterhood Dinner night. This way, we bonded as sisters and fundraised at the same time. There were about ten sisters who all came together. We ordered food, talked, and bonded. Of course we also ordered pizookies! It was a really fun time and I also loved running into brothers there who were supporting our profit share.
Kaitlyn Watkins, Alpha Upsilon

Retreat was an amazing time! It was filled with a lot of great bonding and fun times! Although we got caught in traffic going up to Big Bear, the “party van” was a fun ride with 13 people in one van going up the mountain, and the subsequent game of “hand” ping-poll rivaled that of Forrest Gump’s ping-pong competition. The second day we played sports ball, or a combination of basketball, volleyball, badminton, and football, and then we followed with a hike up in Big Bear Mountain! Some of us swam in Big Bear Lake, which was cold but definitely a highlight combined with suntanning afterwards, which was the most relaxing part of the day! My favorite highlight was definitely the cooking and the large amount of pancakes and spaghetti that we consumed!
Aylin Henstridge, Alpha Chi

Sisterhood Retreat started with an unforgettable four hour ride to Big Bear in a fifteen-person “party bus” stuffed full of sisters and luggage. We got there around 9pm, checked out the bathroom with two “his and hers” toilets, ate pizza and greeted everyone who arrived after us. After playing a couple big group games for a while, all of us went to bed. We managed to get everyone either a bed or couch so no one had to sleep on the floor! On Saturday some of us got up early to help make the most bacon, eggs, and pancakes (shoutout to Emma Atkins, the pancake queen). All the sisters ate and some played sports outside after, like catch, badminton, basketball, and pine-cone golfing (Marcus I’m looking at you). One group went hocking/mild rock climbing while another rode down alpine slides. We all met back for a spaghetti dinner and talked the rest of the night. On Sunday we cut muffins to eat and said goodbye as cars left in waves. Overall, this retreat was the perfect relaxation getaway to the mountains. Many sisters felt it was a much-needed break and a great way to strengthen our bonds.
Kerianne Brennan, Alpha Chi

If you ask any active or alumna of Epsilon Kappa what their favorite excursion is/was from chapter, it’ll probably be retreat. This is definitely true for me! Sisterhood retreat is always a fun and relaxed time with sisters, and this year was no exception. This year I was once again a driver and had one of the later leave times. I picked up my people and immediately made a pit stop at IN-N-OUT. Between the good food, minimal traffic, and good jams my car ride went very smoothly. Sarah Truax told some spooky stories on the way up the mountain, and before long we pulled up to the beautiful house! Mostly everyone was already there and so the house was full of sisters and laughter. We played games and did face masks the first night.
In all honesty, I fell asleep early coming from a midterm and driving that day. But by Saturday I was well rested and ready for a day of activity. We started the day with breakfast and a good ole’ fire alarm. (I’m convinced the fire department that showed up did not believe that we simply burnt pancakes, but that’s honestly all that happened.) We then went on a hike, which was surprisingly challenging, but there were tons of dogs on the trail!! We climbed over rocks and took many pictures. After the hike was finished, everyone was pretty tired, but a good tired. Some took this opportunity to lie outside and tan. I braided many sisters’ hair and then chose to read inside the game room that overlooked the lake. Some people swam in the very cold lake. Everyone was doing their own thing, but we were all very much together. We had dinner, and then prepped for our second night. Sisterhood retreat always has a way of bringing everyone closer. We are able to open up and express ourselves away from school and without judgement. The second night’s activities always leave me feeling loved and supported, and also give me a greater sense of understanding of my sisters.
Unfortunately, the end of the second night (by when we are very comfortable in the house) marks the beginning of the move out process. We wake up and have breakfast Sunday and immediately pack up everything. We have to clean up after 40+ people and make sure all items are accounted for and then physically get out before noon. Once my car was packed, we left. The drive down was just as easy as the drive up. My car was super fun, and it was interesting to digest the weekend with them. After I dropped them off and got to my apartment, I realized that my second retreat was over, just like that. It was the first time I had gone as a big, and without my big. It also made me realize that next year’s sisterhood retreat will be my last. I loved retreat, and I love my sisters! I’m not ready for it to end! Regardless, Retreat 2018 was another success and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to partake in it.
Nique Stumbaugh, Alpha Phi