The Lyre

The Lyre is Epsilon Kappa’s alumni publication where current active sisters can include past sisters in the events and happenings of the organization. Posts are written by various active sisters to describe and highlight these adventures and milestones and are shared with the community through a public blog.

March 7, 2018

Second Degree Recap

Before candidates and most actives arrived, officers opened the PsiEK closet and brought out everything necessary for the Degree Ceremony. Stands and stand lights for the musicians were set up with the help of the Sisterhood committee and early actives, and the Secret objects were set up on a table in the front of the room. Musicians, the Sisterhood committee, and officers arrived early; musicians ran through the songs together before Degree. After a 15-minute grace period from call time, the President, VP, and DOSA ran through key points of the rituals with the actives, who can enter the room by giving a secret knock. Soon after, the candidates were led in and Second Degree began! After the degree ceremony, actives and the Sisterhood committee help to clean up the room and put the necessary items back in the closet.
– Claire Locke, Alpha Phi

After the ritual of second degree was over, the candidates were allowed back in. Once the bigs gave their gifts to their littles, everyone started taking big/little photos and family photos. After that, we took class photos beginning with alumni all the way up to the current candidate class of Alpha Chi. Then we took a giant EK chapter photo. Luckily, we had enough time to have every section take a turn in the center of the room for section photos.
– Kaitlyn Watkins, Alpha Upsilon, Treasurer 2017-2018

Following degree, post-degree is always a blast with music, dancing, and fun themes. This year the theme was decades, and my family, glam fam, chose the 80s. We had actives and candidates alike dressed as hippies, greasers, and basketball players just to name a few. The mix of styles, music, and people ended the night nicely and showcased how close and fun the bond between both orgs is.
– Nique Stumbaugh, Alpha Phi, Webmistress 2017-2018

Post-2nd Degree is personally one of my favorite parties of the year. It reminds me of all the best parts of middle school and high school dances, without all the awkwardness! This year, as Director of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Relations and as the DJ for the event, I had a lot of fun planning Post-2nd and making sure everything ran smoothly. It was so satisfying hearing everyone belt along to “Death of a Bachelor” (a tune from our Panic! show this year) and watching everyone move along to the “Cupid Shuffle.” Our “Bohemian Rhapsody” tradition closed out the night in style.
– Kyle Reidy, Alpha Phi, DOBSR 2017-2018

For post-post-2nd Degree, my fam and I went to Kyle’s dorm and played a nice long game of “Bob Ross: The Art of Chill” in which we all became master painters. We ordered a super delicious pepperoni pizza that ALMOST never came. After, we wanted to watch a movie so we looked under the “Critically Acclaimed” section on Netflix and decided on “Captain Underpants” until everyone started to knock out.
– Delacey Rodriguez, Alpha Phi

My family had a great time post-post-Degree! We drove to my apartment after the post-degree party, ordered food, and watched a movie. It was great to get to know the opposite littles in a casual and fun environment, and to just talk with each other. Everyone enjoyed themselves and left full and happy.
– Hannah Markovic, Alpha Phi, Secretary 2017-2018

To me, 2nd Degree is fun and different because you get to spend time with your opposite family for the first time as a candidate, and you get to bring in opposite littles into your TBS family for the first time as an active. I really like how it gives an opportunity for a unique dynamic each year that you don’t normally encounter (or repeat truly ever again due to the combinations of people). This year, for post-post-2nd Degree, my family and I piled into cars and made our way to one of the most famous taco trucks in LA. As we laughed, shared stories, and gorged ourselves on the delicious food, we found some random strangers break dancing in the parking lot to a boombox, which totally captivated us. It was such a classic Los Angeles experience, but sharing it with new people made it even more fun. Also, some alumni from my TBS family joined us for the taco trip, adding a whole new dimension to the night. Seeing my new little befriending my big brought a warm feeling to my heart, and reminded me even more why I love TBΣ.
– Simon Kapler, Alpha Phi, DOBA 2017-2018